Hainan Hengsong Jinda Technology Building Insulation Materials Expert
Hainan Hengsong Jinda Technology Building Insulation Materials Expert
Hainan Hengsong Jinda Technology Building Insulation Materials Expert
Hainan Hengsong Jinda Technology Building Insulation Materials Expert
Hainan Hengsong Jinda Technology Building Insulation Materials Expert

Rock wool board

HNHSJD rock wool is made of selected high-quality basalt, dolomite, etc. as the main raw materials. It is melted into a solution at a stable high temperature above 1450°C, and is centrifuged into fibers through high-speed international advanced four-roller centrifuge, supplemented by an appropriate amount of bonding. Agents, dust-proof oils and water-repellent agents are evenly adsorbed on the surface of the cotton collection equipment under the guidance of negative pressure wind. Through the pendulum method, the rock wool fibers are laid on the conveyor belt and sent to the three-dimensional wrinkle machine. It is cured and formed under pressure in a curing oven. After curing, the product is cut to form products of different specifications and uses.

Actively responding to the national environmental protection policy, HNHSJD rock wool production line uses clean energy and introduces advanced melting technology. The melting temperature is high and constant, and the flow rate is more uniform. It is conducive to fiber formation by the centrifuge. At the same time, the slag ball content is low and the fiber is more slender. It better guarantees the tensile strength and compressive strength of rock wool products; the iron oxide content of the product is higher than that of traditional processes, and has a higher refractory temperature; and it eliminates the emission of pollutants such as sulfides and nitrogen compounds, reducing the atmospheric pollute.

According to the needs of specific engineering projects, the products can be widely used in building exterior wall insulation, curtain walls, industrial and civil building roof insulation, building partition wall insulation and noise reduction, composite sandwich panels, marine bulkheads, fire door core panels and various industries and ships. , pipeline and storage tank insulation projects.

Curtain wall fireproof insulation rock wool board

HNHSJD Curtain Wall Fireproof Insulation Rock Wool Board is professionally developed for curtain wall systems. It has the characteristics of higher fire resistance temperature, melting point and smaller high temperature linear shrinkage. It also has good hydrophobic and moisture-proof properties, low moisture absorption and water absorption, and will not damage metals. Produce corrosion, and the fireproof performance reaches non-combustible A1 level.

According to different parts of use and application purposes, there are two different series of curtain wall fireproof rock wool. One is used for fire prevention and smoke barrier in the gaps between curtain walls and floors or partition walls, and other types of building gaps (including various types of fireproof rock wool). Rock wool is used for fireproof sealing around the pipes passing through the wall panels); the other is used for fireproof separation of the walls between the upper and lower windows in the curtain wall system to improve the smoke barrier ability of the rockwool. The upper and lower surfaces of this product are composited with fireproof veneers, and different veneer products such as aluminum foil, fiberglass felt, and fiberglass cloth can be composited according to user requirements. In addition to excellent fire and smoke insulation properties, this series of products also has excellent noise reduction and heat preservation effects.

High strength roof insulation rock wool board

HNHSJD high-strength roof insulation rock wool boards are specially used in various industrial and civil roof insulation systems. They not only have excellent thermal insulation, fire prevention and noise reduction properties, but also have excellent compression resistance, high load, anti-aging and weather resistance. , used in conjunction with perforated metal plates, it has obvious noise reduction effect and can effectively control indoor reverberation time. It is an ideal choice for roof insulation systems of various buildings.

HNHSJD high-strength roof insulation rock wool boards are often used in roof structural systems that have high requirements for compressive strength. As the insulation layer and load-bearing layer, they are combined with flexible waterproof membranes and breathable layers to form a roof insulation and waterproof structural system. Flexible waterproof roofs are also used in steel structure or flat roof structure waterproofing systems such as airports, train stations, various factories, commercial centers, exhibition centers, stadiums, etc.


Sandwich slate rock wool core material

Sandwich board rock wool core material is a metal-faced sandwich board design. When used, the rock wool fiber direction is perpendicular to the metal panel, and has strong compressive strength, tensile strength and shear strength. It can be widely used as a sandwich core material for metal panels of various shapes, such as building facades, walls, roofs, partitions, ceilings and high-load sandwich panels for ultra-long-span or high-rise applications, as well as fire doors, etc.
The product can be supplied in a pre-cut manner according to customer needs (cut into strips of core material and slats); it can be supplied in regular specification sheets, which can be cut by the customer and then turned over for use (rock wool core board, for customers with cutting equipment)


Other rock wool products

According to the actual needs of users and application scenarios, HNHSJD can produce a variety of products of different specifications such as rock wool insulation pipes and rock wool felts, ensuring their excellent performance while facilitating construction in different scenarios and improving efficiency.

Our company can produce rock wool boards of various customized specifications, sizes and technical standards according to customer requirements. Rock wool board fixings can also be customized according to requirements. Please contact sales for specific needs.

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